Our vision, values and goals guide our actions

Started from the Bottom, Italmar Group has always been a humbly family company. Our values will always be to treat our customers in a close, transparent and personalized way. We will take care of all enquiries as our own and we will never accept failure as part of the process. And all these values will remain.

  • Customer satisfaction. It is the basis of everything. It is achieved through the delivery of value services that cover a need.
  • Innovation. Welcome to the new requirements. Changing on the fly is not taking a step backwards. Any suggestion or solution is welcome if it is to improve the services.
  • Balance. Progress can be measured. The evolution of processes is not an element subjective. It can be measured with specific indicators.
  • Sustainable development. The way of executing the projects must guarantee their continuity. It is not a question of doing to do.
  • Leadership. Project leaders must carry out their work in the same ground where the tasks take place and not from the personal offices.
  • Face to face conversation. Effective communication of your messages, in person. Regular meetings are organized.
  • Motivation and Trust. The processes will only be successful if those who carry them out are motivated people who interact in climates of trust and solidarity.
  • Technical excellence and good design. Forms should never be lost, as well as the quality of the work. Everything is a set.
  • Adaptation to changing circumstances. Projects don’t usually end the same way they grow. It is essential that those who execute them can adapt to the different circumstances that may arise.