Company History

Piero Stracquadanio
– Founder

Piero Stracquadanio, born in a small coastal town in Sicily (Italy), was an entrepreneur with a passion for the sea. From an early age he showed a great love for the ocean and ships, which led him to embark as a captain on merchant ships and cruise liners.

His involvement in the good relations between Spain and Italy led him to become vice-consul of Italy in Tarragona in 1997. In addition, in 2000 he became a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, where he held the position of President of the Commercial Commission.

His dedication and contribution to the community did not go unnoticed, as in 2001 and 2007 he was made an honorary citizen of Pozzallo, his hometown. However, in 2008, Piero Stracquadanio passed away, leaving behind a legacy of incalculable value.

After his death, his son Angelo Stracquadanio took over the management of the Italmar shipping agency.

Piero Stracquadanio’s life was marked by his passion for the sea, his involvement in international relations and the legacy he left through his son. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence continue to inspire those who knew and worked with him.


Company Creation

January 2001 the ITALMAR company is created. Having its first office in the heart of Barcelona.

Italmar agente internacional

In 2005 ITALMAR Group is nominated as International General Agent, offering services worldwide, and beats its record of service to ships.

Apertura de Sardinia

In 2007 ITALMAR Group opens its second office in Sardinia, Italy.

Cambio de imágen

In 2015 the company changes its corporate image, changing the Logo to ITALMAR GROUP.

Apertura Malta

In 2019 Italmar Group opens its third office in Malta.

Apertura Tarragona

In 2021 Italmar Group opens office in the port of Tarragona.

Apertura Algeciras

In 2022 Italmar Group opens office in the port of Algeciras.

Apertura Livorno y Nápoles

In 2023 Italmar Group opens offices in the port of Livorno and Naples.