Italmar 3000 SL was established in February 2002 as a Shipping and Husbandry Agency.

The founder of Italmar 3000 SL was Capt. Piero Stracquadanio.

The company is a leading fully integrated Worldwide Ship Agent. Our business is the Ship Agency, Customs and Logistics on a Worldwide basis.

Our company is totally committed to high quality, security, safety, the environment, being credit-worthy, ethical, completely independent & fully recognizing civic responsibility according to the following: BV ISO 9001:2008 & ITIC London.

Our growth in this competitive market place has been built on a reputation and ability to tailor our process driven products to meet our clients’ specific and evolving requirements.

The Head Office of Italmar 3000, located in Barcelona, not only controls and coordinates the operations of the vessels calling from different ports -in cooperation with a network of professional subagencies worldwide well reputated – but also monitorize any possible critical situation that may arise. Therefore, the Head Office will be the focal point for all ports.

Monitorizing the vessel continuously gives us the possibility to act before or inmediately after the problems may arise, through our professional teams and the acquaintances we have in the world shipping market. In the same way, controlling and coordinating from a focal point gives our clients the chance to save time and money, and to be always in contact with professionals who inmediately understand and solve any problem that could have arisen, during or after the call of the vessel in different ports.

The fact of keeping customers well informed about the ship’s operations is something important for us: Italmar 3000 S.L. will act basically as Ship-owners and Charters Agent in all Spanish ports, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All that without any additional cost for their principals.

Italmar 3000 S.L will be at anytime and anywhere available, not only to give the usual service normally offered by any shipping agency but to protect the interest of their principals and, in our continued commitment to excellence, we belive that there is nothing that cannot be done in our company. IT CAN BE DONE!

We are interested to offer our services which we are sure you will be more than satisfied.