Italmar 3000

Italmar 3000 SL was established in February 2002 as a Shipping and Husbandry Agency.

The founder of Italmar 3000 SL was Piero Stracquadanio.

The Company, member of ITIC, is speciallist in attending tanker vessels, as General Agent and/or Husbandry Agent, in all Spanish and worldwide ports.

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Italmar Sardinia

Italmar Sardinia Srl I s a new Ship Agency created in March 28th, 2008. It’s located in Cagliari.

Italmar Sardinia is the branch office in Italy of Italmar 3000 S.L. - Barcelona/Spain, and the founder of both companies was Piero Stracquadanio.

Italmar Sardinia is fully operative in the ports of Cagliari, Sarroch, Assemini and all Italian ports from May 13th, 2008, and it’s at the entire disposal of their actual and future customers assuring them the usual and well known cooperation and assistance.

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Italmar 3000
Ronda Sant Pedro, 19-21 7º 5ª
Barcelona, 08010
Telephone: +34 932 688 270
FAX: +34 933 199 443
Via Barone Rossi 27, 2nd Floor
Cagliari, 09125
Telephone: +39 070 684 8132
FAX: +39 070 673 655
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